| full name | | Jordyn Elizabeth Brooks |
| goes by | | Jor | Jordy | Brooks |
| occupation | | CyberWatch Security, Inc. |
| age & d.o.b. | | 22 & March 4, 1998 |
| status & sexuality | | Single & Openly Bisexual |
| social networking | | Twitter/Insta: thesecretjordyn |
| birthplace/hometown | | Bethesda, Maryland |
| current location | | Memphis, Tennessee |
| immediate family | | Ian Brooks; Father - Deceased |

| Open; Mother (50/51) |

| Open; Half-Sister (27/28) |

| Open; Brother (24/25) |

| Open; Half-sister (18/19) |

| Paxton; Half-Brother (15/NPC) |
LIFE EDITION - Ian Brooks had been with his girlfriend for about four months when they learned she was pregnant, it was a discovery that came with a lot of deep conversations in regards as to how they should handle the situation. She was 23 and barely invested in their relationship and hardly standing on her own two feet financially. There was also the fact that she was still hooking up with her ex-boyfriend on the side, meaning there was a chance Ian wasn't even the father. Ian, on the otherhand, was 29 and doing well for himself, having founded CyberWatch Security, Inc. when he was 25. While it came unexpectedly, he wasn't against the idea of becoming a father but ultimately decided to just support whatever decision they came to as a couple. Ultimately, she knew Ian was the smarter and safer choice, at least when it came to stability. It wasn't that she didn't care about Ian, because she did, but tying herself down to one man at such a young age wasn't all that appealing to her. For the sake of the unborn child, and the hidden uncertainty regarding who the father was, she gave it an honest try, at least if the child ended up being Ian's she could run him dry on child support if need be.

- During the pregnancy, Ian doted on his girlfriend as if she were a princess and it was something she got used to rather quickly. About midway through, she had a prenatal pregnancy test done to figure out who the father was between Ian and her ex-boyfriend. It wasn't Ian's. This was knowledge she kept to herself and from both men, as she had become rather fond of the financial security Ian brought. It also helped that he continued to spoil her rotten. She gave birth to a daughter and Ian was instantly wrapped around her pinky, and completely in love with his newly created family. A few years later the family grew again, this time introducing a son, followed by a third and final child,a daughter they named Jordyn, a couple years after that. Both Jordyn and her brother were biologically Ian's, their mom making sure of it prior to their respective births. While Ian doted on all three kids equally, it became clear early on that he and his youngest shared a special bond. He was close to all three kids, finding things that made each bond special and individual while still maintaining a strong family unity. He was very much a family man, while still being heavily involved with work.

- When Jordyn was eight years old, her entire world changed. Ian caught his girlfriend (neither of them wanted a legally binding marriage, or rather she didn't and he respected that) in an affair with her ex-boyfriend and the truth came out about which man was actually the father of the oldest child. It seemed too easy for Jordyn's mom to pack her and the oldest's belongings up and move out, leaving the youngest child feeling a type of way that she couldn't even begin to explain. Her mother eventually moved to Memphis to start a new life with her ex and their child, leaving Ian to raise two kids by himself while managing his company. As time passed, the contact between Jordyn and her mother grew more and more scarce until the only time they heard from one another were on birthday's and Christmas.

- Jordyn as an individual is incredibly smart, though her true powerhouse was technology. Computers to be more specific. That was the thing she and Ian bonded over the most, he taught her all that he knew and she even showed him a few things. Of course her curiosity go the better of her and she found herself getting into trouble a few times when she hacked into the wrong company. Her most notable one being the local Police Department. They weren't thrilled, but they were also impressed that she was able to do so. Initially they had hired her father shortly after that to install more in depth security measures since it was clear the current one wasn't doing its job. Jordyn managed to hack her own father's firewall within an hour and a half. Needless to say the police and her father had her write her own coding and system to put into place. It was a system that Ian ended up adopting into his company, even bringing Jordyn to the headquarters to install it and test it out herself.

- Life with her dad and brother was interesting to say the least, she learned a lot of things and usually considered herself just one of the guys seeing as how neither of them were all that great at the girly stuff. That was something she had to figure out on her own for the most part, which YouTube was a blessing in disguise. When Jordyn was fifteen, Ian was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, forcing yet another big decision on his shoulders as well as several deep discussions. Her brother wasn't into the computer scene, so it was discussed that Jordyn would one day inhereit CyberWatch Security, Inc. but he also wanted them to still have a parent around. Despite things still being extremely difficult between the two adults, it was decided upon that Ian and the two teenagers would move to Memphis so that they could be closer to their mother should he succumb to his illness before they were able to be stable enough on their own. The following year they made the official move, with the company headquarters being relocated as well.

- When she was eighteen, her life got turned upside down yet again when Ian lost his battle with cancer. As discussed, she took over her father's company, though staff was reluctant to listen to some little girl that they assumed didn't know anything. They were put in their place almost instantly after learning that not only did she know the business, but had surpassed her father's talents quite some time ago. It was one of Ian's proudest moments as her father, when the student ended up becoming the teacher. It was an adjustment for everybody, especially her. Thankfully one of her father's most trusted employees, who had followed them to Memphis and was like an uncle to her, helped her through the more business savvy moments. Luckily, college was never really on her mind, seeing as how most cyber security programs were through online colleges and the stuff they taught was literal childs play for her.

- Jordyn's half of the money left to her by her father was spent on a three bedroom apartment, with one of the three rooms being turned into a high-tech computer room that is kept locked at all times. Some of that money was also spent on top of the line hardware and the like to keep herself and her anonymity safe. The rest of the money is stored in a private savings account and rarely touched unless need be. While she helped others stay protected against hackers, that didn't stop her from being one herself or from being part of the hacktivist group known as Anonymous. She is a firm believer in exploiting and exposing those who deserve it and will lend her assistance however it may be needed.

- Monday through Friday afternoon she spends her time handling company business while also hacking her own systems to see if she can break through. In the event that she does manage to hack herself she immediately starts disecting the system to see where the flaw is and works to fix it as quick as possible. Friday and Saturday nights she can usually be found at varying night clubs, dancing to music and having fun. Sunday's are her decompress days where she will do her best to do absolutely nothing unless she feels like it. It's the one day a week where she tries to regain a small bit of her sanity.

RANDOM EDITION - More or less a self-diagnosed insomniac. She tends to survive on caffeine and the occasional upper.

- Drives a 2017 Roush Mustang S3, she can and will race it but be prepared to lose. Has also been pulled over more times than she can count, most of the time not even for speeding.

- Came out as bisexual when she was thirteen, her father was supportive but her brother took some time in warming up to it. Now they just check out women together and act as each others wingmen.

- She is still extremely close to her older brother, he's more or less her best friend. Her relationship with her older half-sister is still strained, but it's in the process of being repaired. Her relationship with her mother, however, that has a long way to go. She's not particularly close to her two younger half-siblings but she holds no ill feelings towards them and is generally kind to them. Her step-father, that's just a straight up no-go, never gonna happen kind of deal.

- Has a few small tattoos that are mostly kept hidden, they all have significant meaning behind them but won't ever explain them if someone is able to spot one and ask.

- Has a two year old pet hedgehog named Mr. Prickles and two sphynx cats named Neo and Cypher

- Loves attending EDM festivals, large scale raves, concerts, or mostly just anything involving music.

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