Natalia Jade Telesco

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standard info
birth name: Natalia Jade Anderson Telesco
nickname(s): Tal/Tali/Talia (never Nat or Natty)
age | birthday: 22 | December 12, 1998
mother: Ronnie da Silva
father: Ari Telesco [patch; died in 2014]
uncles: Marius Telesco [nomad as of 2014]
cousins: [tbd]
hometown: Fall River, Massachusetts
occupation: [tbd]
education: LOL - don't bring this up to her
marital status: Not looking but open / Widowed
sexuality: Heterosexual
pets: Bakugou (Baku) & Kirishima (Kiri)
motorcycle: 2016 Victory Empluse TT (Nymeria)
automobile: 2018 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS (Arya)
Has three piercings in each earlobe, one in the upper cartilage of her left ear, her navel, and both nipples. currently considering a few more.

Has the Brand of Sacrifice from Berserk tattooed behind her right ear, a gun behind her left ear, and an infinity symbol on her right wrist.

Has a tendency to build things in her spare time, mainly robotics and small to medium sized tactical gadgets, but recently discovered she could make a ghost gun. The robotics aren't much of a secret, but nobody else knows about the firearm. Yet.

Her singing is something she let's very few people know about, except for a small group she's often collaborated with. Gunner was her biggest supporter and now that he's gone, she's not sure she'd ever sing so openly again.

Has not spoken to her uncle since her father's death, and doesn't even know where he ended up. She can't help but feel abandoned by him when she needed him most.

Has given up on trying to do things for herself, every time she's tried, someone close to her has died. She's either sacrificing her happiness or her loved ones, and she's tired of it.

Found out she was pregnant when she was fifteen, her and Gunner talked at great lenghts about their options but ultimately decided to abort the pregnancy. To this day it still weighs on her heart, more so now with him gone because at least then she still would have had a piece of him with her.

It's still unknown to most that her and Gunner were actually married, however, she still wears his wedding band, along with hers, around her neck on a long chain that always keeps them hidden beneath her clothing.

While the club is her life and she will do anything to protect/help them, she also doesn't take shit from them. Does she respect them and listen to them? Most of the time, yes. Does she call them out on their bullshit? All the time. Is she a piece of ass for them to use as they please? Absofuckinglutely not.

Is still extremely close with her paternal grandparents, they are the ones who purchased the Empulse for her when she graduated high school in 2017. She has a standing weekly dinner with them and helps out whenever they need assitance with something. She gained her love for robotics through her grandfather.

Spent the first seven months after Gunner's murder sneaking into the cemetary each night to sleep beside his grave. She still visits regularly but has since stopped spending the night.

Her acceptance to Princeton is still a secret, except to her childhood best friend. She planned to defer for a year but then everything began hitting the fan and she made the painful decision not to attend. Her family and the club were more important to her. Is it a decision she regrets? Absolutely. Does she hold it against anyone? Only herself. Will she ever tell anyone else about it? Probably not. When people ask about her dream school she simply tells them she was rejected. The acceptance packet is kept in her personal storage unit located somewhere in New Bedford.

Has been given a ride home by local authorities a few times in her teenage years, never for anything bad or that would leave behind a record, but she's familiar with some of them enough to use their first name which annoys them to no end. She does that on purpose, because she's a pain in the ass. She's amused, they are not. Does she care? Nope.

Lately she's been working on a way to create successful caseless ammo by focusing on the issues others have found in trying to make it. She's had next to no success so far, but she's made a good bit of progress. Having been able to make a ghost gun, she figures she can find a way to combine the two in some way or another to make sure bullets aren't traced back. She hasn't told anybody about this and tends to work on it at her storage unit. Perhaps one day she'll be able to go to the Knights with it for special scenarios.

out of character
♪ played by: chrissy costanza
♫ journal & contact: journal and screened post
♫ availability: primarily around at night, est
♫ etc: ftb preferred but not required
♪ coding: by candace. used with much thanks!